There is a new Battleship Craft clone in the Apple app store called Warship Craft. In the German app store it changed its listening several times from cyrillic letters over Spain to German when searched for warship craft.


Warship craft (Version 2.0) is now a nearly identical clone!

In a recent update a new anti-aircraft gun and a anti-missile flare gun have been added.

- Better VFX (Guns train on target before firing, AAA shells have tracers, improved explosions and damage, flashes of light that light up ships at night when a shell hits, spotlights that cut through the dark)

- Phalanx price was changed from 8 rare metals to 4 crystals (Crystals are Warship Craft's version of rare metals)

- Has new weapons

-Oto Melera 76mm gun (cheaper, less expensive, faster firing version of Mk 45 5 inch gun)

-3.7mm Flak Cannon (cheaper, less expensive version of Type 96/25mm AA)

-7.7 mm AA machine gun

-40 mm Bofors AA gun

-SRBOC missile jammers

-Tomahawk VLS will very poor tracking ability (firing at AI ship will cause it to turn sharply to one side in an attempt to dodge the missle)

- if somebody leaves the battle AI takes the control with its far better hitting average

-AK 630 CIWS like a phalanx but stronger on paper

-All weapons renamed to a real world weapon and also some descriptions for some weapons (e. g. 3.7mm SK/C30)
- No music.
- Maximum 10 ships in the fleet.
- No drill, 23 Missions.
- The 662 LW400 is still depricated.
- No Back-Button when GC-connection is lagging after starting the connection.
- No 2 against 2 in Gamecenter.
- Designer Credits for ships like the Yamato in the ship store missing. Can lead to legal problems. Same for the use of obviously original BSC part design.
- Choose your own ensign, but if you don't the game will assign you own according to you area, e.g. Australia

-New hull parts, similar to those found in Hansa (2x1x1 5/6 hulls, 2x1x1 1/6 hulls, and 2x1x1 1/2 hulls)

Where Warship Craft is available:

- Asia
- Germany --- with 2015/07/15 not in the App-store!
- Spain
- Canada