• Tehlolguy

    new bureaucrat

    August 3, 2014 by Tehlolguy

    I'll try to be concise.

    Obviously I have not been acive at all due to life.

    I have been waiting for someone to volunteer to become a bureaucrat actually but to my knowledge no one has.

    Hence, I ask the community to decide if and new one is needed and if so, pick one or more. As long as you guys can come to an agreement, I'll do the promotion. Also, you can use this opportunity to request the promotion and demotion of anyone.

    I hope you guys can come to an agreement.

    Thank you.

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  • Tehlolguy

    School stuff

    June 21, 2013 by Tehlolguy

    Hey guys! I may not be able to be so active on the wiki and read every edit from now as school work is catching up.If you want to contact me the best way will be through my message wall. I will still be on this wiki just not be as active as I am noww. If someone can be a more active admin pls step up!

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  • Tehlolguy

    personal pages

    June 15, 2013 by Tehlolguy

    I personally dont see the point in fleet pages created by new members the first thing they join this wiki. Wikis are supposed to be informative and new members tend to create fleet pages before they make their first edits. Fleet pages are meant for users to showcase thier creattions, but this is not a gallery, new members should get to know the community and the wiki before rushing in to create a fleet page. there are 30 personal pages thats one third of the total number of pages on this wiki.Isa that too much? Are we becoming a gallery? Are personal pages starting to become more common than informative pages?

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  • Tehlolguy

    Hello my fellow members of this wiki!

    We all remember the first time we came into this wiki, looking for infomation, and staring at the horrible welcome message especially before we started using mesage walls and elected an admin. Welcome messages indeed make a first impression on new users.

    Ok enough of the speech making, I'm trying to improve the welcome message. This should include important links etc, plese propose messages in the comments section, i will put the best proposed welcome message here and then we can improve on it.

    Thank you

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  • Tehlolguy

    Hi guys!

    I found an interesting page here:

    Basically we cant request the wikia staff to help us improve the wiki! Our wiki meets the criteria for the help, so what do you guys think? Should we ask for help? I feel that we should grab hold of this orpportunity, post your comments below!

    also check here:

    Oh and I manage to tweak the rsn epic such that in duel lvl ten, I can sail straight towards it without steering or firing and when I passed it, I had a speed of 194.4 knots.>:)

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