Trimaran PLOW

Trimaran PLOW, a Trimaran that took 5 hours of grinding and building to make

Trimaran are any vessel with three hulls. The design is fairly universal, capable of being utilized on almost every ship class. Unlike catamarans, the center hull is usually larger than the other two hulls.


These vessels are generally superior to mono-hull and catamaran designs. Typically more stable, more maneuverable and faster than mono-hull designs of similar type, they can easily make work of enemy vessels. However, they are typically more complicated to construct, making it harder to upgrade to heavier weapons or upgrades than a typical mono-hull warship. Like catamaran hulls, they are also fairly vulnerable to uneven damage to a single hull, which can cause capsizing due to buoyancy differentials. However, their typically stronger central hull mitigates some of the effect.


This hull design can be found in almost every surface ship class, mostly small, fast boats but can also be found on larger ships.


The main advantages are its increased stability, speed and agility compared to mono-hull and catamaran designs. However, they are more difficult to build and upgrade, making it harder to stay competitive if they choose to upgrade them. However, if upgrading is not a concern and you have the expertise, by all means go ahead and build one.