My imperial German Navy Dreadnaughts

  • 1.  Nassau class

  • 2.  Helgoland class

  • 3.  Kaiser class

  • 4.  König class

  • 5.  Bayern class



Did they take it off the market?

Did they take battleship craft off the App Store/market? I tried to look it up and nothing was there not even on ipad only or iphone only. So I went to my purchased and downloaded it then when I tried to purchase something in inapppurchases it showed nothing! So did they take it off the market?

Yes, it's off the store. Though we do have Hansa Mod, as a seperate app, coming to the App Store in May. Caleb253 (talk) 18:39, April 27, 2014 (UTC)

Y no add in android:( whennn?????? Whennn ? I was using  i pod touch deleted the game for some reason.

Triend to re install. To bad removed :((( NOW I FOUND OUT WARSHIP NOT ON ANDROID??

Is there some apj file thing hack for android??

ZHSKLHz (talk) 17:47, December 23, 2015 (UTC)H Mark Class[[File:[[Media:Example.jpg]]Insert formula here]]

Hello guys,I am a developer in team of the Hansha Mod of BSC,I found this page by chance and  it impressed me a lot that though several years have passed and there are still plenty of players who love this game,we also haven't give up this game,and we are now working on build a new Battership Craft for all platforms with a totally new game engine,which is called BSC 3.0 by us,our team raised some money from the Internet and   we have been working on this for a long time,fortunately we have already finished the base framework  of this game,and we have already released the alpha version in our Chinese forum for a handful of players in February,you can build and test your ship in this version but without enemies,and sorry the game now is only opened to few players in our forum who reached the testing qualification.We are still working on it,when it was pefect enough,we will put it into app store or steam. 

I came here for release some information about our progress for the new version now,to let all of you know though phyzios has given up bsc,but there are still a team which is making efferots all the time,just don't give up this game,and please wait for us :)

Some screenshots from the alpha version of bsc3.0,we have not decide its formal name yet,so let's call it 3.0 version currently.

RigidBody911 (talk) 01:40, June 7, 2017 (UTC)

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