Hello Guys, i will need you to help me. ( Sorry if my grammar is bad, im not really good in english ).

So my problem is about the BSC game. Battleship craft is one of my best games i've played on my ipad , i like building ships and doing some experiment with the game mechanics. So the news i heard that the Battleship craft was removed from app store ( its an old news tho ), i've searched and browsed in the internet to find the app but i didn't find it. About 2 days later, i downloaded vshare and searched BSC and i find it, but its an old version of it. It does works well, but now its not workig anymore. When i enters the game the screen just fades to black and returs to the home screen. So i cant play the game and i moved to Warship Craft.

In this day, i searched mods for warship craft in google and i only find BSC Hansa. Well, from the pics i see it looks interesting with new Mast, Hull, Guns and many more. I tried to find the download link but its all chinese, i dont understand most of the website parts and only about 70% that were translated by the google translate. Anyone can help me on how to install the game?

Or is there an original version of the BSC That I w be able to download?