Resources (left) and Rare Metals (right).

There are two types of currency in Battleship Craft: Resources and Rare Metals. Resources are more easily obtainable, while Rare Metals are less crucial to gameplay, and as their name implies, less common.


The resource, the standard unit of currency, is represented by a gold coin with an anchor on it. All engines and lightweight armored blocks, most weapons and decorations, and some aircraft can be purchased with resources. Resources are essential to build a ship that can fight, float, and win. Players can earn resources by completing drills, or purchase set amounts with real-world money. The game may be a bit difficult to play at first with a ship built from scratch, but once you build a good, capable ship, gameplay will start to speed up. It is also possible to earn resources in multiplayer battles, although this is limited to 800 resources per battle.

Rare Metals

Like in most well-built free-to-play games, Battleship Craft has a nonessential curency that can only be bought with real money: rare metal. This is represented by a chunk of silver-blue looking metal and costs $1.99 US per three units. This currency allows users to purchase some exclusive weapons and aircraft, but may not be worth the cost for many players. For example the Rocket Launcher (a special weapon only purchaseable with Rare Metal) has a real-world cost of $4.99 US, a greater expense than many players are willing to expend for a single weapon. The 1.6 update granted each player five rare metals for the game's first birthday.