Merchant vessels (MV) are ships that are built for the purpose of transporting cargo or goods. In battleship craft they usually have no guns mounted and are purely aesthetic.

Image Ship

MV Nastoychivyy, a Soviet Merchant Vessel underway


Most merchant vessels in game have the base of a battleship but have cargo containers and decorations instead of guns. Merchant vessels usually cost around 0-100,000 resources depending on what engines/decorations you use. To design one just purchase a basic base and add decorations/objects that match the type of merchant vessel you want to build.

Ideas for Merchant Vessel

Crude carriers
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Fishing Ship

Cruise ship

Container ship

Ice breakers

IMG 0523

CCGS Henry Larsen

Mobile dockyards

Supply ships

Hospital Ship (not technically a merchant vessel.)

Training Ships

Transport for nuclear waste

Photo nw

Drilling ships

Photo (19)

Grain Container Ships

Container ship Pebbles

Random container ship i built when I was bored

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