This is an Amateur Submarine Making Step-By-Step Guide

This is a basic submarine that is easy to maneuver and easily does the thing with a 99% success rate. This is for the beginners who want an easy submarine to use.

This submarine makes use of Aircraft Boilers for least height, an important thing in submarine making. It descends slowly and ascends lightly, giving a longer diving time and a shorter yet safer resurfacing time. It utilizes ballasts, meaning it relies in its own weight so it can sink; it does not mostly rely on the amount of upside-down propellors.

This sub is BASIC, meaning you can modify it according to your likeness so that you can enjoy making these subs.



  • Top View


  • Bottom View


  • Left Side View


  • Rear View


  • Right Side View


  • Front View


  • Middle/Engine Layer

Additional Info: For the blocks on the opposite side of the armament, refer to Left Side View Photo Guide


  • Rear View w/ the propellors


  • White - Hull
  • Green - Armaments
  • Black - Large Rudders and Propellors
  • Red - Aircraft Boiler Rngines
  • Yellow - Heavy Ballast
  • Orange - 1/2 Ballast
  • Blue - 400mm Armor

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