This page will help you install Hansas Battleship Craft mod.

There are two versions, one each for jailed and jailbroken devices; both versions require special programs to install them. Read the instructions pertaining to your device state and follow them to the letter.

It is recommended that you jailbreak your device as you lose a lot of content from the pack when installing the non-JB version.

Jailbroken Devices

Prerequisites: iTools, Appsync

  1. Connect your device to your computer. If you have BSC installed, back it up and uninstall it
  2. Open Cydia and install Appsync (add source "", no quotes. Then search the repo for the relevant version for Appsync)

!!! Please use Appsync responsibly, don't pirate apps !!!

  1. Open up iTools and select your device, opening the application page
  2. Click the install button under the "All" tab and locate the (mod name).ipsw file
  3. Click install
  4. The app should now install. Enjoy!

Jailed Devices (Untested, please verify)

Prerequisites: iTools

  1. Connect your device and completely exit BSC
  2. Locate documents/.db/battleship.sqlite and back it up
  3. Replace it with the downloaded non-JB version of the hansa pack
  4. If all is correct, BSC should now have the mod installed

Disadvantages with the jailed version:

  • You cannot freely edit the packs contents
  • You miss out on some of the missions
  • Custom prefabricated ships added by the mod will not be available
  • The CIWS systems will not function as intended

Download links

Hansas BSC mod (current version 2.6.1, untranslated)

iTools (build 0925)

As of February 7, 2015, these links will provide versions of the programs compatible with iOS 8.1

Hansa Group Contact Info

Mod Forum. This link will send you to a page translated with Google Translate

If you can speak Chinese use this link.
Battleship Craft Hansa MOD-0

Battleship Craft Hansa MOD-0