Shin Wei Chiou's hack - Overall Summary Shin Wei Chiou's hack adds various numbers of Downloadable Content. Others are added and purely created by the hacker with a special unknown 3D program, while others are in-game future weapons that are unlocked by adding some coding.

The use for Rare Metals is removed, as you may notice Premium items that are usually priced with Rare Metals are removed and replaced with Resources.

Another new change is that there are added missions that are purely created by Shin Wei Chiou himself. The levels are difficult, as the enemy ships are ships created and hacked into the game by Shin Wei Chiou, and most are armed with premium weapons and Mark 45s and the Aircraft Carrier levels are difficult to defeat as you are only one ship but the enemy is a large, well armed flotilla. Some missions, however, is unplayable due to glitches with the ships as when Shin Wei Chiou added the hacked decorations into the ship, it did not work.

Added Missions:

Battle Ship Show - 12 allied ships lined into one row, no enemies, 0 stars / 0 resource

Pegasus Assault Carrier Group - unplayable due to glitch with ships. 5 stars / 20000 resource - Note: if in need of money, farm this level. It is an instant 20000 resources.

Carrier Battle Group - 1 allied ship, 5 enemies 2 cruisers (but are sunk at the beginning of the battle due to the glitch), 2 Aegis Destroyer DDG-201 destroyers, 1 Aircraft Carrier CV-101. 5 stars / 30000 resource

Shin Wei Chiou is also a fan of Gundam, as you might notice some relevances (a good example is the VF-1 Valkyrie). Shin Wei Chiou also added some new aircraft, such as the unimplemented F/A-18E Super Hornet, the F-14D Tomcat, the F22 Raptor, the E2C, and the SH-60 SeaHawk.

Tutorial Video

Note: please install iFile or any other program that can open and edit a game's files

Battleship Craft - Use iFile

Battleship Craft - Use iFile

Battleship Craft - Jet fighter for Game v1.5

Battleship Craft - Jet fighter for Game v1.5.2

Please follow the instructions carefully as the hack might damage your game.