This is a basic guide to navigating the menus and battles in Battleship Craft.


Battleship Craft IV

The "Build New Ship" & Dock Menu

Battleship Craft features several menus.

The Options Menu

This menu is accessed by selecting the gear in the upper right of the screen when outside of battle. This menu is divided into 5 tabs: Ensign, Medals, Option, Help, and Code. Ensign allows you to choose a custom image for an ensign if you've purchased one. Medals shows the number of them you have and your accuracy bonus. Options allows you to control sound, when you are alerted about resouce consumption when buying a part, and camera controls. Help allows you to access tutorials. The code menu allows you to enter codes to get bonuses. Currently the only known code is "jmsdf" (no quotations) which gives you the Mikasa for free.

Standard Battle Controls

Modern Carrier Controls

The Average Game Play Controls of Phyzios's Battleship Craft. At The Bottom Right Button Is The Switch To Activate RGM-84 Harpoon Missiles

To steer your ship, simply turn the ship's wheel in the lower left hand corner to the left or the right. Remember that the ship will continue turning if you do not return the wheel to its normal position.

To change the speed of your ship, slide the slider located in the lower right hand corner up or down, up being full ahead, middle being idle, and down being reverse.

To shoot your guns, tap on the area on your screen that you wish to shoot at.(some weapons like torpedos only launch in one direction.)

To look around, swipe the screen to change your view. To zoom your view out, simply pinch the screen with two fingers. To zoom in, place two fingers on the screen and spread them apart.