The fortress Pisces

Fortresses are typically slow moving, platform-like vessels that are known to provide immense firepower. They are little more than floating gun platforms, but can be extremely effective provided your sea fortress is bristling with guns and has a competent skipper which can sink moving ships.  

Roles and Usage


My light sea fortress 'Celeste'.

Given their slow speed and disproportionately heavy gun armament, they are basically floating weapons platforms. Any propulsion on larger vessels are used mostly for basic mobility. Some are so large that they are unable to move. However, given their heavy emphasis on weaponry and armor, they could be a very difficult target when properly designed. 


Fortress weaponry is very similar, if not identical to, battleships and cruisers. Given their large size, they are often seen with large batteries of 46cm Guns and a collection of Mk45/5 inch Guns, alongside large secondary batteries. Large AAA batteries are found, alongside many long-range weapons. This may include aircraft of all types. Hedgehogs and Underwater Torpedo Tubes are vital to ASW tactics, for the use of Depth Charges are limited by low mobility. 


See Battle Tactics

Given their inherintly slow speed and heavy firepower, utilize heavy, long-distance weaponry to blast away enemy warships. Soak up the hits while delivering more damage, for limited mobility hinders dodging. Rely on long-distance aircraft, long-range guns and missiles to gun down an opposing warship. Aiming is necessary for victory, since the long-distance capability is only good with a gun that can hit long ranges. Utilize ASW weapons to devastate submarines long-range. If opposing such a warship, always be on the move, for mobility is the greatest weakness of a fortress. If provided with heavy weapons and thick armor, enemy vessels will be sunk with ease. 

The Future


Player created Fortress.

Project 61

Russian Navy Project 61 , a Fortress built using a Mod

The future is mixed. Battle with fortresses often yield to their destruction. More often than not, a battleship circles a fortress like buzzards and a carcass. However, the introduction of aircraft, anti-aircraft weaponry that can be effectively massed and a few rewritten codes can make these warships formidable. Greater numbers of long-range high-damage weapons enable these ships to become a hub for which long-range firepower reaches across the sea. Overall, if the aim is true, the batteries powerful and the armor sound, they can be a serious opponent. 


  • Fortress ships were never used in real life. However, the US Navy operated a fortress known as Fort Drum in the Philippines. This has been compared to a concrete battleship. In fact, the entire island it was built on was converted into a fortress.
  • Fortress ships can be used in Hansa mod to hold loads of ICBMs