Add decorations to your ship, this will make the battleship appear more realistic. For example if you put the ‘captain’ on the bridge, then it will seem like there is a captain directing ship activities.Decorations make your ship look nice, and can also add that tiny bit of weight you might need.

Premium Decoration

These are decorations that costs real-life money :O (But As We Know, BattleShip Craft Has Gone Off The App Store, Therefore Making Getting Them Inpossable With Out Useing Mods Or Hacks

SPY-1 Radar

Although it is in the decoration section it has one use: to help the firing accuarcy of the MK45 gun. It is extremely effective at shooting down planes. You can have 4 maximum on a ship and costs $8.99.

Flag with Ensign

This is a flag that flaps like a real one. You can chose what you have on it. You can have 3 maximum on one ship and costs $5.99.

Decoration that is useful

These decoration costs in-game money.

Reconnaissance Aircraft

This is a plane that is stationary and does not move. It helps you see an extra 10 km with it and costs 60,000 resource. (Note: The Reconnaissance Aircraft doesn't actually work. It's just for decoration)

Depth Gauge

If you have a submarine you use it to navigate your boat underwater then in morning setting and night setting. It costs 1,000 resource.

Destroyer Main Mast

Just a cool tower that can protect boilers in the back of your boat. Cost: 80,000 resource.


This is a Radar that improves accuarcy of your guns. 10km+ of sight Cost: 75,000

Mast/Mini Mast/Angled Mast

If placed properly, these are capable of protecting vital areas from incoming shells. You can also fire at a mast placed on your ship, causing the shots from your weapons to spray in a fan into the sky and providing fairly effective anti-air defense. When doing this, aiming at higher or lower parts of the mast will change the angle at which the guns fire into the air. Be warned though, the mast you have on your ship will only protect you once from a shell stronger than a 12cm, due to its low toughness (1.0 MJ)







-Bridge with Door



-Angled Mast

-Mini Mast


-Landing Sign (in aircraft section but should be decoration)


-Diagonal Fence



-Angled Mini Mast

-Paint (can be a decoration)



-Float (see the specific page with building strategies)