This is a basic tutorial for beginners who have just downloaded the game. Feel free to edit this page adding tips and tricks for beginners.

#1: The Basics


• To move in a battle, there would be a wheel and throttle. Turn the wheel to turn your ship and hold the throttle higher for a higher speed.


You will start off with the "My First Battleship" which is the starter ship for all new players.

When you want to customize your ship, press "Customize."

Here are the list of buttons and features of the Customize area:

  • Info Button
  • Add Elements Button
  • Paint Button
  • Move Button
  • Delete Button
  • Photo Button
  • Undo and Redo Buttons
  • Try Run Button
  • Zoom and Scroll Feature

In the "Try Run" area, there are many features:

  • Maps
  • Salute button
  • Movement Controls
  • Camera/Photo Button

If you want a better ship, go to the Settings in the upper-right corner of the screen, go to Code and type "jmsdf."This will give you the Mikasa. You can either use and modify it or scrap its parts. Once you have the Mikasa move both 30.5 cm plus guns to the front of the ship, after that farm level 4 until you can get the 36 cm gun which is twice as good as the 30.5 gun. Then you should delete the Mikasa and use its peices to build a new ship capable of holding all your guns from then on you can farm duel level 5-6 unil you can get better guns and move up a duel. By the time you are ready to farm level 9 in under 2 in game minutes you are ready to go.

If you are a player who wants VERY STRONG ships immediately without the labor of resource farming, buy the Pre-made ships! Their cost range from 12000-450000 resources which, when you have a credit card, can be easily obtained. Or you can hack. Hacking's best. You save lots of cash.

Other Guides

These are some of the links that serves as guides:

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