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Battleship Gemini
Battleship Gemini
The Battleship Gemini at full speed



Horsepower and

42.9 kt @ 7978 HP

Shooting Range and

7.3 km @ 96.1 MW

Toughness and Armor

10.8 GJ @ 29.7 MJ




12,291 tons


100 x 20 x 56.0


26.7 km


(2) Propellers, (1) Rudder powered by (2) Small Boilers


(2) 15cm guns; (2) 20cm guns; (4) 12.7cm guns; (8) 76mm RFG

The Battleship Gemini is a level 1 default ship. It appears as an enemy in Duel level 3, and Naval Battle 2 with two Battleship Cancers. It is armed with two 20 cm guns, six 12.7 cm guns and eight 76 cm RFGs. With minimal hull modifications, it is possible to equip larger weapons and engines improving the vessel considerably. However, by default, it only has 200mm lightweight armour, and a slightly heavier armarment than the battleships Aries and Taurus. Although equipping heavier armor is possible, it is not recommened as it will require redesigning most of the hull. It is a relitively cheap vessel available to purchase, but this is still not a reccomended vessel to obtain.

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