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About Battleship Craft

Battleship Craft is a mobile game created by Phyzios and is available on the iOS operating system. It is also available on Android through a mod developed by Hansa. This innovative ship-construction and naval warfare simulator allows players to build their very own ships, complete with weapons, armor and engines. Players can let their imagination run wild as the game offers an infinite combination of parts while challenging the player to consider hydrodynamics, weight and balance that affect real ships. The truly unique experience of this game, however, is the ability to use constructed ships in battles against AI-controlled ships or against other people via online multiplayer. Players can design and build many kinds of ships, from aircraft carriers to submarines and from battleships to submarine-aircraft carriers. Phyzios has, sadly, discontinued the game (the app will remain for those who have installed and have not deleted the game, but online multiplayer and gallery support will cease after October 31, 2013) .

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