:Welcome! This page contains records of ships with unique stats which stand out. There are several categories for each ship record. If you want to have your ship in this page, post comment so we can evaluate if your ship fits the requirements.

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Judging Council

I (ej2333) invite these people as the judges if a ship can be qualified.

Standard BSC council:

Bouexic: Judge for Lvl 6-VIP Swing Warships

Kevin: Judge for Lvl 6-VIP Swing warships

Admiral Josh: Judge for Super Warships and Submarines

HMS Homemade: Judge for all warships

Enterprise: Judge for all warships

Khoi: Judge for cruisers

Hansa and SWC council:

Alpha Omega


Doc Weldin

(comment if you want to join the hansa council)


No requesting of ship evaluation outside of your ships specific category defined by the judges.

No Postimg of fake stats

No insulting other people's creations

Standard Battleship Craft Records

Toughness Category

Toughest ship overall (not restricted by any level destinction or type): Admiral Josh Ninjas ship with 8001 toughness.

🔱Record holder

Toughest combat capable ship: USS Enterprises Arctic class with a toughness of almost 7500 all while having many 46cm guns.

Toughest Lvl 6 ship

Toughest Lvl 6 Cruiser

Toughest submarine: At 1,950 Toughness, The Surcouf II-HV, made by Ej2333, is currently the toughest known submarine.
Surcouf 2 HV

The toughest Vannila submarine, the Surcouf II.

🔱Official Record.

Toughest flying ship

Toughest dedicated aircarft carrier

Speed Category

Fastest ship overall:

Fastest Battleship

Fastest Cruiser: The heavy cruiser Tourville by Bouexic, incredible speed for its class.

Tourville at speed

Fastest frigate or Destroyer

Fastest Submarine: At 194.8 knots, the Shadow Hawk III by Josh ninja is the fastest recorded combat submarine.

🔱Official Record

Fastest Dedicated aircraft carrier

Sub category: Acceleration

Fastest ship to accelerate to 194.4/194.5 knots

Fastest cruiser to accelerate to its top speed: This record goes to the type 1BF light cruiser of oircratian at an agile 52 seconds to 194.5+!

🔱Record Holder

Fastest aircraft carrier to accelerate to its top speed

Fastest ship to decelerate from 194.4 knots to 0 knots.

Time Category

-Fastest player to finish Lvl 2 Aircarft Carrier: GO!2 at 1:50 IGT.

-Fastest player to finish Yamato lvl 10 duel: GO!2 at 1:06 IGT.

Broken by Admiral Pheonix with 52 seconds defeating the Yamato!

🔱Official Record.

-Fastest player to finish Night Battle Lvl 3: Tiroler Bracke at 2:43 IGT.

IGT-In game time

Hansa Records

Toughness Records

Absolute Toughness: Narada by Alpha Omega

Toughest Combat capable Warship(naval)

Toughest combat capable flying warship: The Narada by Alpha Omega, one of the most infamous warship in the whole wiki.

🔱Valuable Record

Speed Records

Fastest Flying ship

Fastest standard ship

Fastest Submarine

Hall of Fame

This is where great ships which had become famous throughout the wiki and Game Center alike. These ships have left a mark in this wiki and have helped in creating new ways in building ships.

Super Warships

The Dictator I by Doc Weldin (Insert Description and picture)

The Candy ship by Wolfgang/Yamato(insert description and picture)

Come Ram me by Cobra Strike

An incredibly odd, yet surprisingly effective ship. Little more than a 4km long piece of deck, its stability is key for its success.

Come Ram Me



More ships coming soon