Battleship Aries
Battleship Aries
The Battleship Aries at full speed



Horsepower and

40.2 kt @ 5,943 HP

Shooting Range and

6.6 km @ 30.3 MW

Toughness and Armor

0.6 GJ @ 0.5 MJ




11,220 tons


100 x 20 x 56.5


26.8 km


(2) Propellers, (1) Rudder powered by (1) Small Boiler


(2) 15cm guns; (4) 47mm RFG

The Battleship Aries is an agile albeit weak Pre-Dreadnought era Battleship that can be purchased from the shipyard for 5,000 resources. It is a light ship capable of reaching decent speeds, however it only has six guns, four of which are RFGs the other two being 15cm guns mounted fore and aft. As well as this the ship has no armor, so it , a very easy ship to defeat regardless of skill. If one launches even a single aircraft carrier fighter at Battleship Aries, it will take heavy damage and/or sink.

Although the ship can be modified to hold stronger guns, the lack of flexibility with the design of the vessel makes it  worse than my first battleship, and as a result should not be bought for grinding or online purposes. It is worth noting that with slight modification, it can hold a 46cm gun on top of it enabling it to be moderately effective in the easier drills and battles against ships of equal level. However it will end up as level 3.

The Aries can be found in Duel Level 1 and Naval Battle Level 1 as an escort to Battleship Taurus. The Aries is the easiest and weakest ship opposable.