Even in multiplayer, there are some unspoken rules to follow to make the game fun for all. No one is making you follow them, but they are some recommended rules to keep in mind when playing multiplayer.

1. Do not send private messages to other player mocking their ships

This is just mean, just because your opponents ship is inferior to yours, does not mean that you should laugh at them. Somewhere out there, is a player who has a ship much better than yours.

2. Do not disconnect solely because you are losing

This noted as annoying behaviour and shows that you are a sore loser.

However, you may disconnect for the following reasons:

  • If you are submerged but afloat, and the enemy cannot fully sink you, try saluting, stopping, and then disconnecting.
  • If the enemy is obviously vastly more powerful than you, you may salute (if possible) and disconnect from a greatly mismatched duel. They will still receive their precious 800 R, but leave their honor. That is to say: It is not honorable to fight and destroy a much weaker vessel simply for farming.

3. Do not use hacks or exploit the game to build otherwise impossible ships and use them in multiplayer

Hacked-in weapons and other building materials are considered unfair, with the exception that your opponent is using them as well. Exploiting glitches to build impossible ships is also considered unfair. Hacked-in money, although disappreciated by more honest and "true-to-the-game" players, is considered acceptable and fair by most as well as players in VIP do so. Although hacking in money speeds up the process of gathering materials, it is theoretically possible for anyone to gain such money and thus is acceptable.

4. Forcing a stalemate is not a tactic

Don't throw your ship in reverse just because you are losing. That is considered being a poor sport.

If you wish to leave or disconnect from a battle due to you becoming immobile, significantly weakened, bad lag, or a ship that cannot seem to finish you off (nor you will be able to finish off them), salute them to acknowledge defeat (or a tie), and disconnect.

Note that using an Aircraft Carrier's tactic of launching planes while steaming backwards is usually considered common knowledge. ==

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